About me

I’ve been told by some non-American friends that our habit of introducing ourselves with what we do rather than who we are is disconcerting.  It is true that in this country we tend to define ourselves by our roles rather than by our actions and our motivations.

Well then, I’ll try not to do that while introducing myself to you!

Ok, here we go – who I am and why I do it – hang on I’m thinking – seriously, it’s harder than it sounds.   Telling you who I am professionally would cover a couple of bases, a rundown on my career path would get me around 3rd base and I could bring it home by throwing in my future goals.  Me in a nutshell….a perfectly intact nutshell that did not give you even a hint at the nut inside.  (well, that just might have been a hint ;>)

Alrighty then….down the rabbit hole.  I have a strange attraction to saris, specifically me wearing saris – yes I’m talking about the traditional dress of Indian women.  No clue, it’s been a fascination of mine since I was little.  Partly it’s the beautiful textiles, the drape and flow, and the graceful femininity of them. The other part is imagining how much of a kick it would be to show up at work dressed in a sari everyday.  Making such a visual statement of individuality (without it involving ink and needles) is very appealing to me.  Actually it makes me giggle to think about it.  I wouldn’t do it, mortifying my kids and co-workers would be insensitive so I’ll restrain myself.  However there may come a time……

Uh, that part above about why I won’t wear saris now…bottom line is I’m just not brave enough yet.

What else do you need to know about me?  Let’s see…..how about my idea a perfect day?  The perfect day would be me  in my house (a perfectly clean house, preferably done by someone else) a glass of wine, music playing and me cooking for 6 straight hours.  Top that off with an evening filled with family and friends eating the food I cooked…..and lots more wine….aaaahhh the perfect day.  (extra special perfect would be if that “someone” came back and did the dishes!)

Anything else?  Oh yeah, there’s that time that my husband and I voluntarily gave up our livelihood, sold our house and only kept what belongings would fit into an 18′ travel trailer, waved good-bye to family and friends and hit the road headed for a new life in Sun Valley, Idaho.  No jobs, no place to live and two babies in tow.  How my mother refrained from putting a gun to my head and holding us hostage until we came to our senses I will never know.

Believe it or not…..wait I take that back….believe it because that’s how all things come into being…..my husband had a job in a week, we spent the most amazing summer living outdoors in a campground tending our babies and we fished for trout in the river and ate them for lunch everyday.  The mountains of central Idaho were spectacular, the resort community was invigorating and the people friendly and accepting.  We filled our 13 years there with skiing, camping, hiking, boating and 2 restaurant businesses (whole other story I’ll share with you some day).  While I wouldn’t have given up our grand adventure in Idaho and having raised our children in such an idyllic place, I do feel a twinge of regret for the years missed with the family and friends we left behind.

Okay, that’s enough for one post.  I’ll fill you in on the other parts of me as we get to know each other better.  The parts like I moved 19 times before I was 21, or was it 21 times before I was 19?  Can’t remember, still a bit of a blur…..anyway

There you have it – the nut in the nutshell.

We’ll talk soon – take care


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16 08 2013

I love your blog. It is soooo you!

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